Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Missing Links

One of the things about creating this new blog that concerns me is that you may miss out on some great stuff over on my old blog. There's nearly five years' worth of waffling and interesting links over there so I thought I'd provide a few pointers to blogposts that you might enjoy.

We'll start with arty links. As you know, I run the occasional art challenge and the results of the very first one - The Angry Art Challenge - can be found here in the form of a short video. You might also enjoy my profiles of artists such as Ren Hathway, David Stansfield, Slinkachu, Irina Werning, Bobby Chiu, Walter Langley, Marc Page, Simon Colgan, Louise Evans (Feltmistress), Dean T Fraser (Springfield Punx), Warwick Johnson Cadwell, David Kemp, Sophie Thompson, Jennifer Maestre, Ptolemy Elrington, Luigi Colani, Holly Hale, Guillermo Vega, Amanda Visell, Marie-Madeleine GautierStephane HalleuxAdrian Teal, Jason Hackenwerth, Theo Janssen and my all-time hero, the late Willie Rushton. There's a post on vinyl art toys here and one on plausible alien art here. Some excellent stuff here too on colour theory and possibly the oddest optical illusion I've seen.

You can see several of my artworks in stage-by-stage progress too. Here are: Dead Astaire, Trick or Treat, But is it Art?  Cobblepot, Stripes are so slimming, Lovesick and seasick (The Owl and the Pussycat), Major Clanger's Last Stand, Svarog and his duck and Apache creation gods,

There's some writing stuff too. There's my extended essay on the possibilities of UFO visits - Goodbye little green men. There's my explanation of why I am an atheist; Goodbye to some of my readers. It garnered comments from the likes of Stephen Fry and Dave Gorman. Then there's my debunkings of fundamentalist belief - Flood of nonsense, Create some evidence, dammit! - and my visits to The Amazing Meeting (TAM) Day 1 and Day 2 and the San Diego Comicon.

In a more light-hearted vein, you can read my deconstructions of shows like Thunderbirds and Camberwick Green or you can read how I ended up making a bone for Dippy, the most famous dinosaur on Earth.

So there you go - plenty to keep you busy.

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