Thursday 13 October 2011

365 Doodles - Day 285 - Additional

The promised second of today's doodles is the result of an interesting challenge I set myself. I'm dominantly right handed but have always been fairly ambidextrous; my mum is completely so. I can draw okay with my left hand but I'd never tried drawing digitally with a mouse using just Lefty. So I had a go and here's the result:

It's clearly not as good as what I would have drawn with my right; there are muscle movements that felt clumsy and unfamiliar, the buttons were reversed and I quickly developed an ache across the back of my hand. Still, an interesting experiment. I might try sharing the work between the hands in future to build up Lefty's resilience.

Just in case I ever get involved in a horrific bacon slicer incident or something.

P.s. I wrote some stuff about Leftys and Rightys on my old blog a few years ago. Do have a look.

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