Friday, 28 October 2011

365 Doodles - Day 300

I'm working on a cartoon for a friend at the moment and her idea was for me to do something humorous connected with horseracing. So I started doodling ...

I liked the idea of the horse refusing at a jump and sending the rider flying. I wanted the humans to come off worse. I am actually HUGELY opposed to steeplechase and events like the Grand National where a monstrous number of horses are killed every year for our entertainment. I blogged about it with some passion here. The stats are terrifying and largely unknown by the public. I imagine there would be fewer office sweepstakes if people were better informed.

Anyway, I liked the image of the rider going 'over the handlebars', as it were. And so I doodled some more:

I'm now working on the final drawing and will post it as tomorow's doodle. And today is my 300th doodle! I've broken the back of 2011 and there are just 65 more before it all ends. What a marathon it's been!

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