Thursday 27 October 2011

A look around Ron English's Studio

I love Ron English. He's naughty and subversive.

Ron English is a Texan artist and urban ‘popagandist’ who first made a name for himself in the 1980s by altering or substituting large-scale advertising posters with his own work. Invariably, the messages on his posters and hoardings attacked US government policy, multi-national corporations (such as Disney and McDonalds) and harmful products such as caffeine, sugar-rich children’s drinks and cigarettes. English also draws upon the icons of popular culture for his work and subverts them to get his messages across. Thus, he has painted Mickey Mouse crucified upon a mouse trap, an obese Ronald McDonald and grotesque parodies of Apple’s ‘Think different’ campaign posters substituting murderer Charles Manson and Apple nemesis Bill Gates for the usual images of people like Gandhi or Einstein.

Do visit his website here. And there's a fantastic slideshow visit to his sttudio (where these stills were grabbed from) on the always excellent ItDrewItself site.

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