Saturday, 15 October 2011

365 Doodles - Day 287

The last batch of doodles is now complete for those who took part in the Stay Inside the Lines Challenge. And here they are (click on images to see a larger version). Brooke Sheldon wanted something a bit Dr Seuss and Angi Lamb wanted me to turn her into a pirate.

Mo McFarland asked me to design a secret lair for her:

And Chloe Williams wanted me to do a picture of someone called Quinn Fabray from the TV series Glee:

While her sister Catherine wanted a robin in a Christmas hat (she'll have to finish the colouring as I ran out of brown ink) and 'Crazy Dave asked for 'A cross-breed between tree climbing goats and those fainting goats that can harvest olives for us'. So here you go:

That's it for this challenge and this latest batch of doodle postcards. Another challenge coming up for Halloween later in the month. Meanwhile, these will be posted out this week to their new owners.

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