Thursday, 13 October 2011

Five more art Blogs/Sites I can heartily recommend

First up, if you love art toys as much as I do, You should be a regular visitor to Vinyl Pulse. It is the most up-to-date blog I've found so far.If you're interested in urban vinyl and other art toys you could also check out these retail outlets: Tokyo Toy Store, Dinkybox, Playlounge, Designer Toy Store, Octane 3 and Funkyzilla.

Not specifically an art site but Pink Tentacle is always full of amazing stuff, mostly coming out of the Far East.

The Mayang site is a great source of free textures that you can use in digital art, collage and kinds of projects. It's updated pretty regularly too. There is a similar site called CG Textures which is equally good. And there are 41 texture packs that can be downloaded from here.

ARC or the Art Renewal Centre is very possibly the largest collection I've ever found online of classic figurative painting. Here you'll find all of the old masters and many new kids on the block. It's a staggering reference archive. I'm amazed so few people know of its existence.

Finally, for today, can I point you in the direction of the Incredible Art Department, a resource for parents and teachers with literally hundreds of exercises and examples to try. A constant source of inspiration for me.

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