Friday, 14 October 2011

Five contemporary artists whose work I admire

There are many more than five but these guys particularly float my boat. They are, in no form of order whatsoever, Jonathan Edwards ...

Do visit his Website and his blog. Also, he curates a fantastic blog called Draw Serge to which hundreds of artists - myself included - have donated portraits of the late Serge Gainsbourg. He is also the partner and artistic collaborator of Louise Evans, better known as Feltmistress, who I have featured on this blog before.

Next up is Joe List whose Annotated Weekender site is a highlight of my Sundays and whose blog is always bulging with explosive invention.

Third on the list we find Hammo whose clean illustration style appeals to me greatly whether on canvas, on a wall or as a digital illustration. And he draws cool robots.

Fourthly we find Robert Ball who produces deliciously angular work that nonetheless captures the essence of the moment. And he's wonderfully adept at capturing a likeness in just a few geometric shapes. I am envious of that skill. His blog is here.

Lastly - but only for the purposes of this blog - we come to MapMap aka Matthew Plater. Matthew works in traditional paint, digital and on 3D projects and his individual style comes through strongly in each. Here's his website.

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