Saturday, 8 October 2011

The 'Stay Inside The Lines Challenge' Results!

Finally, the deadline is past and I can reveal the brilliant entries I got in for the latest art challenge. You'll recall that I asked you to complete this picture (below) and then colour it in using any method you like. You were all brilliantly inventive. As usual. Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

First up, we have three sisters and three very different but fantastic pictures. They are (in order) by Emma (aged 9), Chloe (aged 12) and Catherine Williams (aged 14). Aren't they great?

Next up we have a flying robot by Esme Tearle attempting to communicate ... most likely with the dog.

Then there are these two submissions by Mo McFarland drawn while she was on holiday in Greece and with a limited range of colouring pencils. There's dedication for you!

Mikey Fantham put some effort into creating this alien arrival scene. I do feel sorry for the dog who had the hot sauce. Ouch.

Angi Lamb created this extraordinary piece - loving the shiny robot ... and is that a BeeGee?

And there was this collage from Brooke (@eko_orb). What larks!

Terry Bergin created this rather terrifying scarecrow giant and had the clever idea of giving the dog something to distract him. Love those boots and red kneecaps.

Laura Brown put some heart and soul and time into this picture. If this is a fair representation of what night time is like where she lives, she must be exhausted.

I know very little about 'Crazy Dave' other than the fact he was recently on holiday in Greece and got roped into the challenge by Mo McFarland. I'm so glad he was as it resulted in these three pieces - love the 'evil twin/Spock's beard' mirror image:

And, last but very definitely not least, we come to this wonderfully ebullient submission from five year old Alice Porter. Mum Laura tells me that she 'didn’t fully grasp the ‘stay within the lines’ part of the challenge as she was rather ‘freeform winging it’ with her artistic style. The man is looking at black space rocks with stars on them and that’s an alien above his head. The dog is not looking as it simply doesn’t interest him.' So there you go.

Wonderful, wonderful stuff as always and I'll be contacting everyone shortly to see what doodles I'll be drawing for them all.

I think we'll have another challenge around Halloween time ...

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