Monday 30 January 2012

Recycled Into Art - Part 1

I've always been a lover of sculpture. And I'm very much a sustainable living/save the planet kind of a guy. By combining these two passions you'll find my favourite kind of art; where things that might once have been landfill are given new life. In the past I've featured artists like Stephane Halleux, Peter Rush, David Kemp, Jessica Harrison, Ivan Lovatt, Jennifer MaestreJunior Fritz Jacquet, James Corbett, Stuart Haygarth, Mike Rivamonte, Wim Delvoye, Yong Ho Ji, Jim and Tori Mullen, Click Mort, Alex Gross and my good friends Sophie Thompson and Ptolemy Elrington (also look here and here). I've also featured some of my own humble recycled work, such as my Art Critics painting and my Junk Owls and Cobblepot sculptures.

I've found a few more recycling artists recently and so here's a quick round up. First off the blocks is Scottish artist David Mach who makes the most amazing installations and sculptures from materials like coat hangers and match heads (as always, click on the pictures to see a larger version).

The curiously spelled Kate MccGwire uses feathers:

Quell, 2011 <span class=bodytxt>Photo: Tessa Angus courtesy of All Visual Arts </span> (<a href=index.php?pid=40&nid=2&sid=2011&work_id=68>More information</a>)

Lure, 2011 <span class=bodytxt>Photo: Tessa Angus courtesy of All Visual Arts </span> (<a href=index.php?pid=40&nid=2&sid=2011&work_id=67>More information</a>)

While Anastassia Elias uses carboard toilet roll tubes to wonderful effect:


More tomorrow!

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