Saturday, 14 January 2012

Away from it all

In 1979, I was a pissed-off 18 year old living in South-West Cornwall. And what had pissed me off was Monty Python's Life of Brian or, rather, the fact that every council in Cornwall had banned the film from cinemas. Which was why myself and a bunch of friends crammed ourselves into a rubbish old Hillman Minx estate and drove through 80 miles of A and B roads to another county to see the film in Plymouth.

It was worth every mile and every penny. The film was brilliantly funny and, even as an 18 year old, I realised that the film was destined to be a classic. Those silly, silly councillors hadn't even seen it.

But I digress. Another thing that made that trip so worthwhile was the film that they showed before Life of Brian. It was 'Away from it all' a brilliant spoof of the kind of semi-educational travel films that they'd foist on us at the cinema - just like those Telly Savalas movies in the previous blogspot. So I looked on YouTube ... and there it was!

Enjoy! In 1979 it made me squirt Coke out of my nostrils.

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