Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Insert terrible pun about eggs here (eggcellent?)

As my blog is now in its sixth year (You can read all of 2006-2011's posts on my old blog here), I thought it might be fun to re-print some of the older entries and bring them up to date. I'll start with this post from 2006 and an odd little fact; you can balance an egg on its end.

What you do is this; position the egg on one of its ends - pointy or rounded it doesn't matter - and just hold it there lightly with your fingertips. Then - be patient. It takes about 10 minutes but suddenly you'll feel the egg 'settle'; the heavy yolk works its way down to the lowest point and falls through the white and you'll feel something like a tiny 'clunk' when it happens. You can then carefully take your fingers away. And voila! One strangely balancing egg apparently in defiance of gravity and all reason.

And here's the proof. No Photoshop. No wires, superglue or blu-tack. Just an egg and a work surface.

As I was doing this, my brother-in-law (a very pragmatic and not easily impressed heating engineer) turned up. I showed him my egg. He looked for the trick. He scratched his head. Then he snorted, grabbed an egg from the basket and, in an 'anything you can do ...' fashion, attempted to balance it on its pointy end.

And it also worked. He was amazed.

So try it for yourselves. And send your egg balancing pics to me at or via Twitter - I'm @stevyncolgan.

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