Sunday 8 January 2012

Ghosts of places past

I read a fascinating Reuters article today about an unfinished and abandoned fake 'Disneyland' that still exists in China. The article is here.

There is something very spooky about places that have been simply abandoned. And it reminded me of late last year when I found, quite by accident, a deserted and dead garden centre while walking the dog. It was a very curious feeling walking around the site. All it needed to complete the atmosphere was a few wandering zombies. Click on the images to see a larger picture.

Ian Dryland reminded me of this great site of abandoned theme parks. Just the sort of places the Scooby Gang would like. And Steve Hills sent me this link to the blog of a young Russian woman called Lana Sator who managed to get onto the site of a largely abandoned missile factory. Her photographs are astonishing. Do have a look.

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