Sunday, 31 August 2014

And ... we're back! And off to a flying (st)art!

Hello you, whoever you may be. I have no idea who reads this blog as no one leaves comments - I'm told that the blog is dead in the wake of such things as Whatsapp, Vine, Storify and Snapchat. But I'm sticking with it, if only to create a searchable archive of stuff I like that doesn't clog up my hard drives!

Well, I've been away for two months and have done a considerable amount of work on the two books. I've also been Edinburgh and done something of a live show thingy. All great fun. But now ... back to the bloggy arty, weirdy, sciency stuff.

I start with the wonderfully original art of mother and daughter team of Mica Angela Hendricks and her 4 year old Myla. Professional artist Mica likes to draw people but didn't always approve of Myla getting into her sketchbooks. But then, one day, she thought ... 'Why not? What if I draw the heads and let Myla do the bodies?' The results, once coloured in my Mum, are brilliant! Look!

The result of this fairly unique collaboration is a collection of pictures quite different to anything I've ever seen before. I have been known to colour in one of my children's, and later grandchildren's drawings, thus:

I've also experimented with adding my own drawing to children's drawings - I did an abortive children's book a few years ago that no publisher was interested in about a land where scribble people live. Here's an example:

But anyhoo ... back to the wonderful work of the Hendricks family ...

Wonderful stuff. If you'd like to see ore, do visit Mica's blog at Busy Mockingbird.

My thanks to Chrissi Hernandez for bringing it to my attention. :)