Friday, 18 November 2011

365 Doodles - Day 321

An exciting day today as three of my postcards have been selected for this year's Royal College of Art Secret Auction 2011. They go on display this evening and online here. Each of the 2900 postcards - some by famous people like Manolo Blahnik, Nick Park, Tracey Emin, Mike Leigh, Grayson Perry and others - is for sale at £45 each but they are anonymous. You pick a card, you take a chance and your £45 could buy you a Stevyn Colgan or a Yoko Ono. The money goes to keep the RCA providing courses for up and coming new artists. Do have a look at the site ... can you spot mine?

Meanwhile, here's today's doodle, drawn in a pub in Soho this afternoon. A guy looking quite like this came into the Dog and Duck handing out cards advertising an adult pantomime called Snow White and the Seven Poofs. Only in Soho.

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