Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Creepy Portrait Art Challenge!

This will be the final art challenge for a while as I have to knuckle down and finish writing a couple of books (damn you deadlines!). However, one of those books is a surreal comedy and will require some photos of eccentric family members. What I'm after are photos as weird as these:

Those are all real postcards - Lord knows what the story is behind them. These are just as bad:

What I want is photos of you dressed bizarrely - the freakier and scarier the better. Think League of Gentlemen or Mighty Boosh.  Anything goes; odd clothing, fake hairpieces, eyepatches, mad hats, masks etc. Recycle some of that Halloween tat you bought last week. Make a horrid dummy or figure out of garbage. Decorate a doll. Just make it freaky without too much horror!

Send me your photos and I'll then make them all look sepia-toned and old-fashioned. Then I'll use the best ones as family photos in the book. And if all goes to plan and it gets published, the winners get a signed copy and their name listed in the photo credits.

Sound like fun? Then go for it! Cut off date for entries will be December the 1st - you have nearly a month.

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