Friday, 11 November 2011

365 Doodles - Day 314

Today I was writing about koalas and discovered an odd fact about them. Their brains are disproportionately small and around 40% of their cranium is fluid. No one knows why. So I shared this fact on Twitter and the comments I got back inspired these doodles. @possumpot wrote, 'If you shake one, does it sound sloshy?' to which @garethaveyard added, 'Wow, shine a light in their eyes and their skull would be like a lava lamp, an awful awful lava lamp.' Final word came from @mcfarlmo who suggested that 'A Koalava lamp? What a fantastic idea - how do we make that happen?'

Well, this is how:

I've never drawn koalas before. They are weird buggers. For a start they have what looks like two thumbs on each hand and really odd hips. More practice needed. Plus ... how do I make the head look more like a lava lamp?

More doodling required ...

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