Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Want some fun things to do with your photos? How about turning them into one of those old dot matrix printer pictures that are made solely of numbers? Go and visit Photo2Text.com and have a play. Here's what I did to my avatar photo (click to see it enlarged):

Then there's the wonderful Pixelr online photo editor that allows you turn a humble family photo into something retro, antique or downright creepy. Hours of fun!

My friend Mo McFarland showed me that one. She also found Dumpr.net which allows you to create some really weird images like these:

There is a small fee for saving and printing reasonable resolution images on Dumpr but you can get small versions (like those above) with a screen grab, just for the fun of it.

Last but not least, here's a great bit of online photo software that allows you to tilt shift an image. What this means is applying a special focal effect that tricks the eye into thinking that you're looking at something small rather than something life-sized. I used TiltShiftMaker.com to create this picture:

I took the original photo last year looking down from Tower Bridge Station, London, into the foundations of what would become The Shard. The original photo looks like this:

Have fun!

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