Sunday, 22 September 2013

The wonderful watercolours of Jean Haines

I admit that I'm not a huge fan of watercolours. I find it all a bit samey and bland, if I'm honest. That's no disrespect to watercolour artists of course. It's just a personal preference. However, there are some watercolourists whose work I adore. I've mentioned Walter Langley before, most notably here and here. He could make transparent watercolours so deep and rich. Here's an example:

And, in recent years, I've been blown away by the explosive watercolour technique of Jean Haines. She uses colour in the most exuberant way and her brushwork - some of which she learned from traditional Chinese painters when she lived in the Far East - is wonderfully loose and expressive. Just look:

Isn't it fantastic? So vibrant. So colourful. So much energy and movement. I absolutely adore it.

A couple of years ago, she published a book called Atmospheric Watercolours. It's packed with examples of her work, useful tips and step by step guides to technique. If this is a form of art you'd like to try yourself it's worth every penny. Her website is a good visit too; you'll find it here.

I'm not sure I could ever be as loose with a brush as she is but I kind of wish I could be. Here's a short video - an advert for one of her DVDs - that gives you an insight into her work.

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