Thursday 29 September 2011

How the cows were done ...

Today I've finished a rather strange little pair of cow portraits.

I can't quite remember where the idea came from but I think it began with this sketch (left) drawn during a viewing of Sean of the Dead. Then I doodled his sister.

I then knocked up a pair of portraits, of the kind parents often have on their sideboards:

But they didn't look right. The thick watercolour paper I used just absorbed all the colour. They needed to be painted on canvas board. So I started again. I also had a couple of cheap frames I'd bought in a charity shop. They were scuffed and brown and nasty but a nice size so I hit on the idea of painting them in a cow pattern. But it all went bad on me ... when I came to varnish them, the acrylic paint I'd used ran horribly.

So, I then tried using sticky-backed vinyl ... and it worked! I found a place that did a cow patterned vinyl and ordered a roll. It arrived this morning so I wrapped the frames and then I finished the paintings, polished the glass and - Voila!

The course of art rarely runs smooth! But I got there in the end. I hope you like them.

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