Thursday 22 September 2011

The chances of anything coming from the kitchen ...

The final wave of Alien Art Challenge entries are now in and what a great bunch they are. We start with our youngest contributor ... two year old Olivia Faye Maddison. I suspect I'll be doodling Peppa Pig or something similar for this participant! I know that Mum Julie helped a bit too as Olivia was 'pushing cocktail sticks into her hands more often than the apple'.

Next up we have this joint entry from @cheekeechappee and @aha-Tigger. Lovely use of bacon.

Then we have this splendid fellow from Claire Chambers ...

And this great piece from Ronnie Hackston ...

And last, but definitely not least, this came in from Kate Mayfield. It's mysteriously called 'Martin and his spaceship'. Maybe that was meant to be Martian? I hope not. Martin is much funnier!

Huge thanks to everyone who took part. I am once again humbled and amazed at the levels of creativity and imagination out there among my fellow humans. As promised, every entrant will receive a hand-drawn original doodle on a postcard. I'll be contacting you all in the next day or so to see if you have any requests.

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