Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Aelita Andre painting - A joy to watch

Amazing video of Aelita Andre painting.

In 2009, the director of the Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne, Australia, decided to display some abstract paintings by an artist called Aelita Andre because he genuinely liked them. He then found out that they were painted by the two-year-old daughter of photographer Nikka Kalashnikova and artist Michael Andre. ‘I was shocked, and, to be honest, a little embarrassed,’ said Mark Jamieson. ‘It’s difficult to judge abstract art. There is a formal approach and then there is a free-form approach that comes off a more intuitive base. And if you're thinking about the latter, perhaps a two-year-old can do it as well as a 30-year-old.’Art critic Robert Nelson, who was not given any background information, described Aelita’s work as ‘credible abstractions, maybe playing on Asian screens with their reds’. On learning the artist was a pre-school toddler, he said he was not surprised and that ‘credible’ art could be found at any primary school. Which goes to prove a point I often make; that we’re all born artists and are capable of making aesthetic decisions.

People still buy Aelita’s art to this day; she recently exhibited (aged 4) in New York where her paintings sold for between $4,400 and $10,000 a piece.

If art pleases someone then it’s as valid to that viewer as any other art. It doesn’t matter whether it’s done by a kindergarten child or a pensioner.

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