Sunday 11 September 2011

365 Doodles - Day 253

As an incentive for people to join in with the Angry Art Challenge, I promised that anyone who entered would get a free original doodle on a postcard. I've now asked people what they want and am starting to draw them all. I'll be posting them out tomorrow and the day after. Here are the first six off the production line:

My briefs were as follows: Ric Lumb asked for a 'Monkey superhero' and Holly Hale wanted a 'Pirate riding a dinosaur'. Meanwhile, Katherine Udall-Waring asked for a 'Viking Cat', Angi Lamb wanted a pirate and Esme Tearle asked me for a 'Punk penguin'. And there's a random monster thrown in there too.

I'll add some more to the blog later when I've drawn them.

It's proving to be good exercise for me and I like a challenge. If I can draw all of them without recourse to reference, I'll be very chuffed. So far, so good!

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