Saturday, 2 March 2013

Friday Caption Competition - Results!

Here we go ... my faves in bold. Commended in standard type.

Both: 'Okay, that fart smells of bananas. Was it you?' - @gigerpunk
'Are you thinking what I'm thinking? - Anonymous 
Both: 'I'm watching you ...' - @geekychappy
Humphrey the camel always got carried away when playing the "Got your nose" game. - @geekychappy

'I don't know why people are always raving about 'head'.' - @twistedtulip
'I don't remember eating that' - @pstni
'Ooh, what does it taste of? Chicken?'
'No. Horse, oddly enough'. - @gigerpunk

Flying Squad - The Early Years - @mrboffly

Excitement in London today as MET-eors land in the Thames - Andy Kerr

'Sarge! Someone's nicked our boat!' - @stevehills
Inspector Gadget Auditions: Down to Final Three. - @gigerpunk

Three get promoted into the River Police - @Geekychappy

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