Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Doing Things In Public

On the right hand side of this blog, below the link for my diet blog, you'll see a calendar of events that I'm speaking at this year. My diary is filling up fast - but that's great! I love doing these speaking engagements and it's always a joy meeting people.

In the near future, I'm at QEDCon, sharing the bill with some amazing people like Richard Dawkins, Simon Singh, Helen Czerski, Adam Rutherford, Brooke Magnanti, Ben Goldacre, Rose Shapiro ... and many more.

Then, I'll be at the Hay Festival with the Unbound crew talking about my new book and a whole new way of publishing books.

At the Harrogate International Festival I'll be talking about crime and, at Latitude, I'll be discussing brains and thinking with pathologist Suzy Lishman and comedian and classicist Natalie Haynes.

In amongst that lot I'll be doing some Ig Nobel Prizes stuff, a new live chat show venture called '101 People to Meet before You (or They) Die' with Museum of Curiosity producer Dan Schreiber, and recording the new K series of QI.

Plus, there will be news about the launch of my new book fairly soon.

Life is never dull.

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