Friday, 6 December 2013

John Conway's Glorious Beasties

I've been a fan of John Conway's work ever since I first discovered him on Darren Naish's Tetrablog for Scientific American and his Tetzoo podcast. Conway's work is both accurate and tongue-in-cheek; he'll give the same level of care to depicting a Styracosaurus as he will to a wholly unproven cryptid like Bigfoot. And his paintings are beautiful. Just look:

They were Giraffatitan, Megalodon and Yeti. Aren't they great? He also produces some lovely fantasy artwork too:

Now, as you'll know if you've seen my live talks or read this blog occasionally, I am a bit of a dino-nut. I freakin' love prehistoric beasties. Which is why I like Conway's work so much. These aren't depictions of statues, these are living, dynamic animals who hunt and fight and shag and roll in the mud for fun. So, if you like his work as much as I do, there are prints and books available on his website here.

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