Friday, 10 February 2012

Go figure

I have no idea how they calculated these figures but they made me laugh. This is a list of activities and the calories you'll burn off while engaged in them:

Making mountains out of molehills (500)
Running around in circles (350)
Pushing your luck (250)
Flying off the handle (225)
Jumping on the bandwagon (200)
Adding fuel to the fire (175)
Beating your head against the wall (150)
Jogging your memory (150)
Dragging your heels (100)
Jumping to conclusions (100)
Beating around the bush (100)
Bending over backwards (75)
Grasping at straws (75)
Turning the other cheek (75)
Hitting the nail on the head (75)
Swallowing your pride (50)
Passing the buck (25)
Balancing the books (23)
Wrapping it up at the end of the day (12)

Source: Bulletin,Columbus Industrial Association, July 1977.

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