Saturday 10 December 2011

Ink and Decibels

I spent most of today working with award-winning photographer Mark Page (top photo with Becky Beatz). Although he's best known for his erotic work, Mark has spent several years documenting the lifestyle and fashions of the Alternative Community in much the same way that another local photographer, Gavin Watson, caught this part of Buckinghamshire during the punk, new wave and two-tone years (See here - the lad in the stripey trousers is now my brother-in-law. Really.).

The idea behind today's event was for Mark to get some studio quality shots of great tattoos to accompany his more unplanned, documentary shots. I would then interview the models for a feature I've been commissioned to write for a tattoo-interest magazine. Mark set up a small studio in the upstairs salon of Woody's Tattoo Parlour in High Wycombe. Woody is a bit of a legend among tattooists and has inked many many famous people over the years. Just a few months ago, he gave Adam Ant a new tattoo and Adam was persuaded to give a small, private gig to about 50 of us. We were going one bigger with today's event with two live (and very loud) bands performing: Spit Like This and Release The Bats.

I can't show you any of the portrait shots yet but I will share some photos I took during the day. Here's Release The Bats in action:

And some shots of Spit Like This:

Some of my favourite shots were candid ones like this of ex-Wutars and now frontman of the The Wizards Of West Wycombe, Alex Kew (far left) and his extraordinary moustache:

Burlesque Queen Khandie Khisses and Gary from Release The Bats:

And my favourite shot of the day, also featuring Gary:

A fun day where I heard some great music and met some amazing people. It's nice to get out from behind the laptop or the easel once in a while. As you can see:

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