Sunday, 4 December 2011

In the beginning was the word - and the word was Aardvark

Some interesting words beginning with A that I found today;

Abattis – defence made from felled trees with boughs pointing outwards
Abecedarian – arranged alphabetically
Acarpous – not producing fruit
Acephalous – having no head – leaderless
Acetabulum – cup to hold vinegar, cup-shaped sucker of cuttlefish
Adminicle – thing that helps
Adumbrate – represent in outline
Aegrotat – certificate that a university student is too ill to attend an examination
Affusion – pouring onto
Agiotage – money exchange business
Alate – having wings or wing-like appendages
Albescent – turning white
Amphigamous – without distinct sexual organs
Anguine – snakelike

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