Sunday, 11 December 2011

365 Doodles - Day 344 - Doodleshare Special

A double whammy today with the two doodles I did today for Ben Cameron's Doodleshare project. There are two sheets in circulation this time; the first is the traditional Doodleshare format where each artist, in turn, adds to the overall composition and then sends it on. Here's what I did today for that one:

The second style is the 'Doodleshare Twirl'; a starburst pattern radiating from a central hub. Each artist fills in a 'beam' and then passes it on. Here's mine:

It joins Ben's effort. And now the pieces move on to the next artist; in this case the fabulous Moose Allain.

Do follow the regular updates on Ben's blog to see how the two works of art grow.

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