Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Sticky Monsters of John Kenn Mortensen

I was browsing through bookshops in London yesterday when I came across a wonderful little yellow and black book called Sticky Monsters.

It's a collection of monster doodles, all done on Post-It notes by a Danish children's TV producer called John Kenn Mortensen. I had to buy the book.

At once charming, creepy and downright weird, Mortensen's beautifully rendered pen sketches have echoes of W Heath Robinson, Munro S Orr and Arthur Rackham with maybe just a hint of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey thrown in for good measure.

If you get a chance to buy the book, do so. If not, visit Mortensen's blog here or his Tumblr here where he posts new pics regularly.

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  1. Hi, cool blog- I was googling Edinburgh and came across your Fringe photos- I'm starting uni in Ed in September, so I'd love to one day take part in the crazy Fringe, like you did!

    This Mortensen book you've recommended certainly looks... interesting. And surreal. I'll definitely check it out!