Monday, 1 April 2013

Things fitting perfectly into other Things

Things fitting perfectly into other Things is one of my current favourite websites. It's pointless, silly but also utterly fascinating. There is something irrestistible about random objects fitting snugly inside each other. It appeals to the engineer in me. For instance, I discovered quite by chance (while sorting the rubbish for recycling) that a drinks can fits exactly inside a can of beans.

In fact, the fit is so snug that it acts like an air-dampening piston and the drinks can sinks slowly down into place. I can't tell you how stupidly happy that made me.

You can see lots more on the TFPIOT website and you can follow them on Twitter at @TFPIOT

I'll leave you with a couple more examples.

cider can + lens cap
(fit found by Simon Berry)


  1. That is very pleasing :) I am not going to try fitting things into other things....
    ooer missus