Sunday, 7 October 2012

The 100k Doodle Winning Doodles

A week ago I passed my 100,000th tweet. Yes, I'm THAT verbose. But, to 'celebrate' the fact, I asked people to suggest doodles that I could do on a postcard. I had lots of entries but had to pick the 10 that made me laugh the most. So here they are - they will be posted out to their obviously very odd suggesters first post tomorrow.

@margojmilne, having read my blogpost about people 'stealing' my Burglar Bill cartoon online, asked for a Burglar Bill of her own, so here he is. Meanwhile, @onewordtf asked for 'Mr Potato Head watching porn'.

@tyglet asked me to draw a hammerhead shark having a tea party with an owl. And @music_mystery was obviously exploring some deep desire when they asked me to do 'Stephen Fry cartwheeling'.

'What about an ant orchestra!' declared @kel2708. What indeed. Though space turned it into a small chamber orchestra. And hopelessly romantic @c_dave suggested 'A single rose, gently entwined and proffered by a single tentacle'.

Things took a turn for the bizarre when @twistedtulip asked for 'A fennec fox hiding from Santa and Jesus in a caramel macchiato' and then @drinkmeforfree wanted 'Birds done as pop groups'. Space being limited on a postcard, I hope she'll be happy with this supergroup.
Last but not least, we have @nyc_rgc's suggestion that I illustrate a couplet from Maxwell's Silver Hammer - 'PC31 says 'We've caught a dirty one' and then, in a flurry of rhyme and para-rhyme, @roop asked for 'Whilst shedding a tear a bear hugging a bare hare on a square chair whilst floating in the air'. Pft. Call that a challenge?
Well done everyone! Hope you like your doodles.
Another competition at Halloween!

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  1. Those are all wizard! We'll have to work harder at stumping you next time!