Friday, 12 October 2012

Even more rubbish art

British artist Mark Oliver's Litter Bugs are made entirely from scraps from old book covers, old broken sunglasses and other grabage. He describes their appearance in terms of adaptive evolution: "A creature whose instinctual and physical qualities have adapted so uniquely to the modern urban environment that it has rendered itself, by nature of camouflage, virtually invisible in its normal habitat." Mark even goes so far as to give them a common name and a scientific name, which often reflects the types of materials from which they are made. The Prophet Moth has a body formed from pieces of a Holy Bible cover, the Conductor Bug is built out of old metal gears and, appropriately, copper conductors, and a number of old, torn encyclopedia pages are the foundation for the Reference Moth's body and wings. Glorious aren't they? You can see more at the Litter Bug website here.


Thanks to my brother Si Colgan for alerting me to the site.

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  1. Beautiful!

    At last a use for all those Jeffery Archer and Dan Brown "novels"