Saturday, 14 April 2012

Jabbagpuss (and Princess Madeleia)

A new painting, just completed. This one was just screaming to be done. One day I happened to notice that Bagpuss, the eponymous hero of Oliver Postgate's lovely old TV series, is about the same shape as Jabba from Star Wars. That made Madeleine the rag doll his slave girl. Professor Yaffle and Gabriel the toad became mercenaries. And the mice on the mouse organ became snacks. It seemed so right. So I doodled it.

It seemed to work! And as there was space on the far left I also added a froglet and Mr Pogle from Pogle's Wood.  So, here's a stage by stage guide to how I painted it (click on pics to see larger versions):

It's my small tribute to the late, great Oliver Postgate who made my childhood - and the childhoods of millions of Brits - so much lovelier.

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