Sunday, 23 October 2011

Some ideas for the Halloween Nightmare Art Challenge

I've had a look back through my own archives to see if I could find some Nightmare images of my own. First up (and oldest) is this black and white photo of me aged 17 that I zombified with some ink and Tippex:

Around the same time - 1978 - I did this pencil drawing. I like the story that it suggests ...

Coming a bit more up to date, here are two images I made just by arsing about with a flatbed scanner:

Or there's this freakish character based on a real Inuit costume I saw in the British Museum:

There's always photography of course. Here are two of mine; a folly in the village of Stone near where I live in Buckinghamshire and a graveyard in Exeter, Devon.

Then last year I did this painting for my good friend, the photographer Mark Page. It was done in one hour when I'd had a really, really bad day. And he loved it!

So there you go - a few ideas. Any medium is good for creating Nightmares! Cupcakes anyone?

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