Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Halloween Nightmare Art Challenge!

Tremble humble mortals for the Halloween Challenge has arrived ...

Yes indeedy. It's time for another art challenge and this one is a corker. It's Halloween in just over a week and I want you to create something extra scary. Even scarier than this:

Or this:

The theme is ... NIGHTMARE! I want you to create an image that has me shaking in my sandals. And you can do it any way you like; a drawing or painting, a sculpture or carving, an assemblage of objects, a photo of someone in costume ... anything you like as long as it's a freaking NIGHTMARE. I want to see a collection of images so spooky and terrifying that I utter a tiny shriek of terror and maybe need to change my trousers. Of course, funny is good too!

As always the challenge is open to anyone of any age, creed, colour, sexual orientation, race and zombies. I will send an original scary postcard doodle to all entrants (the subject to be decided by you). Send your completed entries to me via Twitter (@stevyncolgan) or email (

Entries must be in by Midnight (BST) on the 30th October so that I can display them all on this blog on Halloween itself. That gives you a whole week to produce something suitably fiendish.

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes ...

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