Wednesday 21 August 2013

My position on Cricket

Back in the early 90s I did a series of doodles illustrating positions in cricket. They weren't great - I was still experimenting with styles - but I liked the concept. To celebrate the start of the Final Test today, here they are nearly 20 years later. I may just re-do them in my current arty style. Who knows? They may even work as a print.

All images copyright (c) 2013 Stevyn Colgan

Square leg, Short Leg, Long leg

Silly point, Long on

Cover, Deep Cover, Slip

Third man, Striker, Fine leg

Gully, Point, Bowlers

1 comment:

  1. What about other cricketing terms like 'sticky wicket' or 'bowls a bouncer'? And I wonder what a 'googly' looks like - a kind of bird maybe?