Saturday 6 April 2013

Kites and Dogs

I'm lucky to have nice places in which to walk my two reprobates:

The route I usually take leads me from my street off into acres of fields and farm land - it's quite easy to walk across the scrubby fields and around the arable ones and get in a good 3-4 mile walk. Occasionally, the fields back onto houses and, today, someone had obviously put food out for the red kites - a chicken carcase or something like that - and there were at least 10-15 circling above. Every so often one would peel off and plummet into the garden, returing to the sky with something in its talons (I've lured a few into my garden over the years. I even managed to get some half-decent photos a couple of years ago - see here). Magnificent.

A nice walk - between two and three miles and then home. The sun stayed out for most of the walk but a biting wind cut right through it. I couldn't help noticing that the catkins are finally out too. The late snow has threatened to kill off all semblance of Spring. Sigh.

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