Friday 15 March 2013

Secret Art

This evening I met up with artist Angela Lamb to go to the Royal College of Art's Secret Auction exhibition at their new building in Battersea. It's the second year that I've been asked to take part (Angi's done a few of them before) and it's good fun. What happens is that lots of artists - some final year RCA students, some jobbing artists, some very famous people indeed - get sent three postcards on which to create three original artworks. However, they must not be signed or give any overt indication of who did them. Then the cards go up for auction and, if you're lucky, you could get a Nick Park or a Maggi Hambling or a David Bailey for a song ... or you could pay way over the odds for one of mine. Poor you.

The exhibition looked great ... and seemed to go from largely empty space to being packed with people in just half an hour of opening.

You can see the full range of postcards from this year's auction here. Be warned though ... there are 2700 of them ... and some are very rude (not to say disturbing - I worry for the mental health of some of the exhibitors).

Bet you can't spot mine!

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