Sunday, 23 September 2012

The 50% Challenge looms ...

My new book Constable Colgan's Connectoscope now stands at 35% funded. And, after the Summer lull, it's time to push on to 100% and get the book out there. So it's time for a competition and a prize draw I think.

Firstly, the draw. Once I hit 50%, I will take the names of everyone who has pledged on my book and pop them in a hat. I will then get a third party to randomly select a winner. And they'll get this:

It's an original painting, by me, in acrylics and it depicts the very first Connectoscope and the very first Constable Colgan. At one time I considered it as the book's cover but, as the project evolved, it became clear that it didn't really fit. It will form part of the cover but won't be the main image. And it could be yours. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to pledge on the book at any level; you'll automatically become part of the draw. Roll on 50%!

Meanwhile, it's about time we had another competition. I'm going to come up with something special for the 50% mark and ANYONE will be eligible to enter - regardless of whether you're pledging on my book or not. Everyone who enters will get sent an original doodle of their choice drawn on a postcard by me. Yup, you want a tyrannosaurus unicycling outside an STD clinic ... I'll doodle it. You want a Motown girl group of dogs ... piece of cake. I'll even cover the postage. But the main prize will be ...

Well, I'm just working on that but, rest assured, it'll be something VERY special.

So get pledging on the book. Or bully everyone you know into buying the book. Tell your friends. Shout it in the streets. If we can get this bugger funded quickly, it may even be ready in time for Christmas this year.

Fly my beauties, fly!

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  1. May I suggest your 100,000 tweet should be a plug for your book or a charity you hold dear!

    Hope it published soon!