Friday 21 September 2012

Return of the Podcasts! Series 2 Episode 1

Yup, they're back! Here's Episode 1 of Series 2 of Colganology. Enjoy!

Sorry there's been so little activity on the blog of late - have been hard at work as part of the team researching, writing and recording Series 5 of BBC Radio 4's The Museum of Curiosity. More on that soon!

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  1. ha :) loved usual with me though you won't just get away with a compliment.

    First off, leicestershire, enough said, my own beloved home county knows how to charge.

    Lots of bigger chain hotels don't provide free wifi in the states, it's about 12 an hour, you have to go to cheaper motel chains normally to get the wifi. (quality inn, hampton inn etc)

    I always take my shower cap and toiletries from my hotel as i've paid for them. The shower caps are usually for the women because most hotels i've stayed in the hair dryer doesn't work, and i don't want to spend hours air drying my hair before breakfast :)

    I actually do own a proper shower cap at home, but it's a hassle to dry it out and take it on holiday with me. The cheap ones hotels 'give' out are always useful if you dye your hair at home and the dye packet didn't supply one as you need something for your head whilst the dye soaks in.

    You can also balance them on cats for a giggle.