Friday, 7 September 2012

Christmas is coming! Sale Now On!

The office/studio is getting to the stage where I'm now in danger of being killed by a landslide of books or an avalanche of clutter. So it's time for another clear-out.

There are loads of paintings here and they take up a lot of space, so I've decided to start by getting shot of them. So, first off, at £100 each (plus postage and packaging if we can't meet to exchange) are these little gems:

Arr Pod, But is it Art? Jabbagpuss the Hutt and Dead Astaire are 50cms by 40cms. Bipolar Bears is 45cms by 35cms. All are painted in acrylics on box canvases.


Then there are these two that are somewhat larger. The Owl and the Pussycat measures 70cms by 45cms and Lord of the Rainbow is even bigger at 100cms by 70cms. April Showers is 90cms by 70cms. All three are for sale for £150 each, plus postage and packaging. Now that is a bargain. Each took several days to complete.

If any of them take your fancy, do drop me a line at or catch me on Twitter. I'm @stevyncolgan.

Great original Christmas pressies!

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  1. Great paintings and at the price you are selling them for people are very definitely getting a good pre-Christmas present bargain....although the Dead Astaire one would make a good Halloween present!