Thursday, 27 September 2012

The 100K Doodle Competition - The Results!

After much deliberation, I have chosen the 10 winning doodles that I'll be starting tomorrow. My decision was based purely on how funny I thought the image would be to draw, nothing more. I should start mailing them out in the next few days.

All in all, there were 50 entries. Here are the 10 I've chosen:

'Mr Potato Head watching a porn movie' (@onewordtf)

'A single rose, gently entwined and proffered by a single tentacle' (@c_dave)

'A hammerhead shark and an owl having a tea party '(@tyglet)

'How about an Ant Orchestra?' (@kel2708)

'A fennec fox hiding from Santa and Jesus in a caramel macchiato' (@twistedtulip)

'My very own copy of Burglar Bill, since everyone else has one?' (@margojmilne)

'Stephen Fry doing a cartwheel' (@music_mystery)

'Whilst shedding a tear a bear hugging a bare hare on a square chair whilst floating in the air' (@roop)

'Birds done as pop groups' (@drinkmeforfree)

'Draw this moment from 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer': PC 31 says, 'We've caught a dirty one.' (@nyc_rgc)

Well done you ten!

And hard cheese you other 40! Another similar competition very very soon.

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