Sunday 10 June 2012

Cartoonists you should all know

The world is full of brilliantly funny cartoonists and doodlers and I thought that, today, I'd give some of them a mention. They make me smile and for that I am hugely grateful to them. First up, there's John Atkinson. His Wrong Hands site is always worth a visit:

Next on my list is the always brilliant October Jones whose Doodlejunk blog is probably one of the funniest places I visit on the internet. Using a combination of cartoons, doodles left in public places and augmented photos, the mysterious Mr Jones has me grinning on a daily basis. I particularly love his commuting doodles where he superimposes a doodle over a real fellow traveller. Genius! It's also worth checking out his Text from Dog site.

My third recommendation is Twistedlilkitty. Maria is a cartoonist, stand up and scientist and her Twisted Doodles are a constant joy.

She also has a brilliantly funny card shop on Redbubble - Visit it here and to Hell with Hallmark and Moonpig.

More cartoonists next week!

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