Monday 18 June 2012

20 Facts about Me

There's a fun little meme going around Twitter at the moment called #20factsaboutme. I did mine today. Here they are collected together:

1. My surname means 'Swordsman'. Oh yeah.

2. I am allergic to champagne and many white wines.

3. I have never placed a bet in my life and despise horse racing due to the huge number of horse deaths (see here). The totals are shocking, largely unpublicised and wholly unacceptable.

4. My middle name isn't Basil or Lettice. It is, in fact, Mark.

5. My book Henhwedhlow is currrently the largest volume of original modern Cornish prose on the planet. You can still get it via Amazon. Credit must be shared with the brilliant Tony Hak who did the translation.

6. I made some bones for the world's most famous dinosaur. (See here

7. I have three nipples. Don't call me Scaramanga.

8. I have been deliberately set on fire twice. Both by way of Molotov cocktails. I was a cop for 30 years and was on the streets behind a shield during all of the London race riots during the early 1980s.

9. I sculpted the faces of two creatures that appeared in The Fifth Element and wore Leeloo's orange braces when Milla Jovovich wasn't looking.

10. I once had a script accepted for Dr Who and I wrote 2 commissioned scripts for Gerry Anderson. None of them ever got made. Waaah!

11. As a child I was in episodes of The Goodies, The Onedin Line and the ‘video’ for Ennio Morricone’s No. 1 hit The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

12. My favourite film of all time is Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

13. My favourite band of all time is XTC.

14. My favourite book of all time is Douglas Adams’ and Mark Carwardine’s Last Chance to See.

15. If I could only take one boxset of DVDs with me to a desert island it would be the complete Laurel and Hardy.

16. I actually have two medals - real medals. And a Humane Society Award. And a Blue Peter badge.

17. I don’t have a hobby as such but I have amassed many signed books. They include Douglas Adams, Kenneth Williams, Clive James , Ronnie Barker, Stephen Fry, Willie Rushton, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Jon Ronson  and many, many more.

18. I have visited every single Tube Station on the London underground network.

19. I have eaten cous cous during an autopsy.

20. I’ve been bitten by an adder. Twice. What a numpty.

21. I'm not good with numbers.

What are your 20 facts?

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