Tuesday, 1 May 2012

101 People to Meet before You (or they) Die - Pilot Episode

Here's a little slideshow I've made of the pilot episode of 101 people to Meet before You (or they) Die. It was first broadcast on Resonance FM104.4 (London) on 30th April 2012.

The concept for the show is that we introduce you to some of the world's most extraordinary people: explorers, scientists, artists, philosophers etc. The pilot episode focuses on Venezuelan discoverer and encyclopaedist Charles Brewer-Carias: a man who has led nearly 300 expeditions; has discovered over 100 species new to science; who may have found the world's oldest organism; and claims to know the location of the semi-mythical El Dorado. He is also, allegedly, the person upon whom the character of Charles Muntz (in the Disney/Pixar film Up) is based ... though he isn't a baddie.

Running time 60 minutes with musical interludes by Emperor Yes. Presented by Dan Schreiber. Written by Stevyn Colgan and Dan Schreiber. Music by Ash Gardner and Hugo Sheppard of Carl and the Saganauts. Produced by Dan Schreiber and Ash Gardner at House of Strange Studios.


This is a pilot and, as such, something of an experiment. We have already established that interviews by phone are problematic and that the show is better suited to a 30 minute format. But what do you think? We'd be very interested to hear your views. And your suggestions for people we should interview.

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