Saturday, 17 September 2011

It came from the Kitchen!

Yes, I thought it was about time for another art challenge as you all enjoyed the last one so much. And this time, it's Out Of This World ...

Using ONLY items found in your kitchen, I want you to show me what an alien could look like. Let your imagination go wild. Use tea spoons and the dog bowl. Use chopsticks and potatoes and muffin cases. Use tomato sauce and gravy as paints. Use ANYTHING! Just remember (a) to tidy up afterwards, and (b) it doesn't have to be a permanent work of art so you won't need to upset the house chef by welding all of their utensils together. If you're really clever, you can always arrange it on a plate and eat the alien for your tea.

You have just five days to comply, puny Earthlings. Photographs/scans in to me by Midnight Wednesday (BST). My Twitter address is @stevyncolgan. My email address is As always, it's open to anyone, professional or doodler, rich or poor, young or wishes they were still young, black, white, brown or green.

I'll send an original doodle on a postcard to everyone who enters. I think I might even draw your alien in my own cartoony style! If lots of you enter, it'll be second class post ... I'm not made of money you know. I'm mostly lard and tea.

If you want to see what doodles the people in the last challenge got as a reward, just read back a few posts on this blog.

So ... boldly go and find the Klingon in the cauliflower and the Cyclon in the sink! Find the Dalek in the dustbin and the Wookie in the wok!

Find those aliens!

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