Friday, 30 September 2011

Bobby Chiu - an inspiration

I've been a fan of Bobby Chiu's digital art for a decade and have enjoyed watching the growth of Imaginism Studios, which he set up with several colleagues to both sell his artwork and to teach people to do the same.

I've seen Imaginism grow from a small business into a large company with its on-line Schoolism art courses attracting thousands and the roadshows bringing in the crowds. Bobby and his colleagues are also working in book illustration and film design; most recently you'll have seen many of his creature designs in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

I was lucky enough to meet Bobby a couple of years ago at Comicon in San Diego. I made off with a couple of signed prints and some original doodles. We chatted for ages and I was hugely impressed with how passionate he is about inspiring people to create art. Ever since, I've taken the time to watch and listen to his many podcasts on his YouTube channel - He talks a lot of sense. You'll see him create a digital artwork as you watch. But it's the narration that's important. I always finish one of his podcasts feeling inspired and refreshed. He's one of those people like Rolf Harris, Nancy Kominsky, Tony Hart or Bob Ross who just has the knack of getting you itching to grab a brush, pencil or graphics tablet. Here are a couple of examples:

Do give them a view if you get the time.

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