Sunday 11 September 2011

365 Doodles - Day 253 Continued ...

I've been a doodling demon this afternoon. Here are ten more than I've knocked out - some to brief, some that just randomly flowed out of the pen. All are postcard sized:

To begin with, Jaqui Potter gave me the toughest call, asking for a doodle that somehow encapsulated everything she likes: knitting, smiling, splashing in puddles, dancing in the rain, space ships, planets, dragons and books. I think I just about nailed it. Then came Mikey Fantham's request for 'the most serious Harry Potter fan'. Kate Fantham wanted something quite different; she wanted a certain object hidden in the drawing - can you spot it in the picture of the two men shouting at each other? Ben Cameron asked for 'a bear in love'. Awwww. The other two that were direct requests were 'the poshest rabbit in the world' for Max McMillan and the zombie cat for Vicki Hall. As for who gets the other doodles ... I'll have to see if I can match person to doodle.

Sixteen down and eight to go. But they'll have to wait until tomorrow. The old eyes are going ...

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