Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Two Film Techniques that Blew Me Away

This is, without doubt, some of the most beautiful CGI work I've seen in a long time. The textures, the movement of objects, the light and shade and shadows ... staggering.

It's a piece by digital artist Alan Warburton called Spherical Harmonics. You can read more about it here.

It reminds me of an interview I saw many years ago with John Lasseter, the groundbreaking animator behind Pixar, in which he said that it would probably be possible to make a new film starring Marilyn Monroe in his lifetime. He may be right.

This second movie is simply called Box. The creators, Bot and Dolly, used projection mapping onto robot-controlled flat surfaces to create amazing 3D optical illusions. The whole thing is shot in real time in-camera with no post-production. Quite stunning.

You can see just how the film was made here.

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